We use serveral antennas. The main antenna is

Optibeam 9-5 for 20 - 17 - 15 -12 - 10 mtrs

The antenna is the best amplifier. This is true. A long time we used a Fritzel FB 23 for 20 - 15 - 10 mtrs and a rotary dipole UFB 13 for 17 - 12 mtrs. I worked many DX stations and the setup worked great.

In 2008 we assembled an Optibeam 9-5. I saw this antenna in 2006 at the beautiful station DJ6ZM/DL1A in Germering nr Munich. Toffy has built a superb station on the roof of his furniture store.
After some telephone calls Tom, DF2BO, (CEO of Optibeam) convinced me to buy an OB 9-5 and it is a great antenna.
Some friends like Hans, DK3PZ, Steve, DB3LSP, Matt, DL4LBM, Dr. Steve, DL6LSM, and Peter, DL9RT, gave a helping hand to move the antenna from the garden on top of the tower.


After a couple of years of operation I´ m totally satisfied with this antenna.
We use a Yaesu G-1000 DXC rotator to turn the antenna.

For 80 & 40 mrts we use a Kelemen 80/40 m dipole with traps for 80 mtrs. The antenna is doing a nice job, but on 80 mtrs it is not competitive, but we are happy to have it.

In 2016 we used a 14,7 m (48 ft) high vertical for 80 - 40 and 30 mtrs. It has to be assembled and disassembled and some improvements have to be done. There is always room for improvements.