DL4LAM-L echolink node No. 5601

When I left Munich in 2008, I had to say good bye to DM0QN IRLP/Echolink node. So I decided to have my own echolink system on my computer to stay in touch with my friends spreaded all over the world. 

The echolink-software allows easily to switch to a link or repeater. I use an old xp-laptop computer with a  G3VFP modem and a Yaesu FT 7800 and a mobile antenna indoors.
So it is more or less a "microlink" with small coverage, but it fits my demands. 

Frequency: 432.850 MHz simplex (no pl/tone)

My location is downtown Hannover in JO42UI. You will find my address on qrz.com.

The link is "on the air" when I´m at home, no 24/7 operation due to license issues in Germany.

APRS fill-in digi and WX station

Due to the loss of an aprs fill-in digi in Hannover downtown, I couldn´t use my TH72  longer for aprs portable operation.

I own a Kenwood TS 2000 with integrated TNC. Finally I found UI-view written by Roger G4IDE as an useful program for my own fill-in digi. From time to time I activate the digi.

When inlineskating or cycling in the neighbourhood you can follow my steps.

While running a fill-in, we send out information about local Hannover weather from our Davis vantage pro 2 weatherstation on the patio.

Thanks to Dave Casler, KE0OG, who runs a beautiful website and  Brad, VE3BSM, who helped to make an easy connection between ui-view and vantage pro 2 weatherstation with useful software.