D Q 5 T  appello contest team - cq contest

In 2005 German Telecommunications authorities issued short callsigns for clubstations.

These short callsigns are useful for contesting activities and meanwhile in many countries these short callsigns are very popular.

Carsten, DL6LAU, and Peter, DL4LAM, decided to ask for DA5T, but this wasn´t available, so we got DQ5T. Special thanks to Mrs. Simon-Wolski from Bundesnetzagentur Mülheim for her great support.

Since 2005 we have been working in many contests with this callsign. The appello contest team is a small group.

DQ5T will send QSL, but we decided not to collect cards.

We hope you will understand and please do not send any cards. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation !

We will confirm new contacts on new bands or modes after the contest with a QSL card (paper) and use LoTW.