a little bit of history 

Once upon a time....well, meanwhile it´s a long time ago.......

I started my experience with radio waves back in 1978 when my friend Matthias, DL4LBM, purchased his first CB handheld radio (12 channels, AM, 0,1 W out) and we had great fun.

In school my math teacher Werner, DB4LC, was a ham and he run a school clubstation. In 7th grade I attended the weekly meetings in the afternoon and was fascinated from that strange noise coming out of the TS 820 radio.

More and more I became interested in ham radio and finally I passed my exam in April 1980, first for the VHF license with the callsign DG4LZ. I didn´t use this call very much, because I had no station and learned morse code, so I could pass the German extra class for worldwide operation in early 1981.

Since that time I have been on the air as DL4LAM.  

First I began with some activity on the 2 mtr band and then with support of my parents I could have some small antennas in the backyard.
I worked on hf, vhf and uhf and have been using SSB, CW, FM, AM, Amtor, Pactor, PSK, Packet Radio, D-Star etc..

The technical experience in my youth motivated me to study engineering at Technical University of Braunschweig. Special thanks to my friend Professor Mike, DJ5WE, who helped me to find the right direction. In 1992 I received my masters degree in electrical engineering, we call it Diplom-Ingenieur in German.

I moved serveral times in the last 20 years (Kiel, Braunschweig, Hannover, Luebeck, Hannover, Munich and now back to Hannover). Ham radio offers a superb opportunity to come into contact with so many interesting people worldwide or locally. 

The following pages will show more about me, my station, callsigns and so on.

I hope you will enjoy it - thank you for visiting my website - 73 de Peter